Usage guidance


122-12-1 Torihama, Wakasa-cho, Mikatakaminaka-gun, Fukui Prefecture 919-1331, JAPAN
inside Jomon Roman Park (adjacent to Wakasa Mikata Jomon Museum)





Opening hours

9:00 to 17:00(Entrance gate closes at 16:30.)

Closed days

every Tuesday & Year-end and New Year holidays (12/29 to 1/2)

  • If a national holiday falls on a Tuesday, the following day becomes a closed day.
  • No closed days during the Golden Week holidays and the summer holidays
  • We are subject to temporary closure due to maintenance of our facility, etc.

Admission fee

Adults: 500 yen / Students (aged 6 to 18): 200 yen

  • Combo ticket covering Wakasa Mikata Jomon Museum is 30 percent off.
  • A group over 20 people is 20 percent off.
Individual Ordinary
Adults 500 yen
(aged 6 to 18)
200 yen
Combo ticket covering
Wakasa Mikata
Jomon Museum
Adults 700 yen
(aged 6 to 18)
280 yen
Group Ordinary
Adults 400 yen
per person
(aged 6 to 18)
160 yen
per person
Combo ticket covering
Wakasa Mikata
Jomon Museum
Adults 560 yen
per person
(aged 6 to 18)
220 yen
per person
  • Admission is free for visitors over 70 and under 6. People over 70 are required to show their ID cards verifying their age such as health insurance card, etc.
  • Group discount is applied to a group of over 20 people except those eligible for free entrance.
  • Admission is free for the students in Fukui Prefecture aged 6 to 18, including students in special support education schools and people in charge of each student group. (Prior reservation is required.)
  • No admission fee is required for the visitors who produce their physical disability certificate or certificate for livelihood assistance or education assistance at the information desk.
  • No admission fee is required for all the visitors on Family Day (every 3rd Sunday) and Hometown Day (February 7).

Our facility

  • 70-space parking area (shared with Wakasa Mikata Jomon Museum)
  • 3 wheelchair & 2 stroller
  • Multipurpose toilet & bed for diaper change
  • Elevator
  • In case of using a wheelchair, please tell us at the information desk. Our staff will assist the visitor in wheelchair.

Requests to the visitors

  • Please refrain from eating and drinking in the museum.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the museum.
  • Entry with your pets into the museum is prohibited except with helper dogs.
  • Please refrain from any nuisance to other visitors such as making a noise in a loud voice, running around in the exhibition rooms or down the hall, etc.

Explanation of exhibits

  • Up to three guides are permanently stationed in the museum, who explain our exhibits to the visitors. Should you have any questions, please feel free to ask them.
  • As for our guidance service, priority is basically given to the visitors with advanced reservation. When we have many visitors, however, please note that there are cases where we can’t provide appropriate guidance service.


  • Prior reservation is recommended as much as possible for the group visitors. Without reservation, you may not be guided smoothly.
  • Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax and email for your reservation.
  • In case of visiting us in a group of over fifty people, we recommend that the entire group be divided into more than two smaller groups and visit us and Jomon Museum adjacent to our museum alternately. Over fifty visitors at a time may make our guides unable to provide appropriate guidance service. In that case, please consult with us in advance.